Charly Iten


- Curriculum vitae

Born 1972 in Unteraegeri, Switzerland. During his childhood he was introduced to the world of art by his grandfather who was an architect and painter.

- Background

2004 Achieving the degree of a PhD at the University of Zurich, Department of East Asian Art History. The title of the doctoral thesis is “The Way of Tea and the World of Japanese Teabowls – The Pottery Art of the Kilns Favoured by Sen no Rikyû and Furuta Oribe”.
2004-2007 Employment as scientific assistant at the Department of East Asian Art History at the University of Zurich.
Since 2004 Working as an independent artist.
Since 2007 Running own company specialised in East Asian art, recurring exhibitions and cultural tours.

- Exhibitions as an independent artist

2004 Impressions, contemporary art contest conducted by the Cultural Department of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland.
2005-2006 Works 2003-2005, Park Hotel Weggis, Switzerland.
2007 Patterns of Metal- & Earthenware, Gallery Jewels of Asia, Zurich, Switzerland.

Patterns of Metalware Series 2, Parkhotel Zug, Switzerland.
2008 Group Exhibition, Art van der Brugge, Focus Business Centre Zug, Switzerland.

Group Exhibition, Art van der Brugge, Regus Business Centre Zurich, Switzerland.
2009 Group Exhibition, Art van der Brugge, Altstadthalle Zug, Switzerland.
2010 Art Show Zurich 2010, International Art Fair, Puls 5, Switzerland.

Revealing Metals - Creative Fire, Charly Iten & Christiane Tureczek, Gallery Witty Line Place of Art, Steinhausen, Switzerland.
2011 Artists for Japan, Andreas Helbling/Charly Iten/Suishū T. Klopfenstein-Arii/Sonja Knapp/Jürgen Krusche/Sabine Matthys-Krümmel/Georges Wenger/Teruko Yokoi, Charity Exhibition, Sotheby's Zurich, Switzerland.

Art at Work, Group Exhibition, Art van der Brugge and D4 Business Centre Lucerne, Switzerland.

On the Traces of Japanese Aesthetics – An Artistic Dialogue Between Japan and Switzerland, Jürg Bächtold/Bettina Baumann/Sonya Ferrari/Charly Iten/Suishū T. Klopfenstein-Arii/Regina Maekawa-Altherr/Shun'ichi Maekawa/Yuka Tomura, Group Exhibition, Gallery Kulturschiene, Herrliberg-Feldmeilen, Switzerland.

Art International Zurich 2011, Iten & Wittenwiler  Fragments of the unpredictable, International Art Fair, Kongresshaus Zurich, Switzerland.

Asian Art in Zug 2011, Angela Burkhardt-Guallini/Charly Iten/Kei Kawai/Sonja Knapp/Sylvan Müller/Renata Schalcher, Group Exhibition, Altstadthalle Zug, Switzerland.

Contemporary Art, Group Exhibition, Art van der Brugge and Art Loft Fine Art, Altstadthalle Zug, Switzerland.